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Winning With Back Pain

Winning With Back Pain

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Winning With Back Pain by Harris H. McIlwain, Debra Fulghum Bruce

"Easy to follow. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to live an active life, including travel." --Arthur Frommer, Travel Editor If back pain has ever impaired your job performance, stopped you from enjoying your leisure time, or limited your ability to travel, this is the book for you. Written by five leading back pain specialists, this concise guide gives you complete, comprehensive information so you can understand your condition and choose the best course of treatment. And at the heart of this easy-to-read guide is Dr. McIlwain's proven, two-week plan for immediate lasting back pain relief. You'll
* A guaranteed quick-relief plan based on daily mild exercise that can be performed by back pain sufferers in any age group
* The most effective treatment methods
* A special chapter on the do's and don'ts of traveling with back pain
Praise for additional books from the authors' Winning "Winning with Osteoporosis is clearly illustrated, readable, and may be the best handbook on the subject to date and can be recommended to all."--Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases British Medical Association "The suggestions and wisdom given in Winning with Arthritis are incomparable. This book will certainly become a classic."--H. Kenneth Walker, MD Professor of Medicine Emory University School of Medicine

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  • Pages: 224
  • Paperback
  • First published January 20, 1994
  • Minor damage to the back as per photos
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